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The underwater world of the east coast has really nothing to envy of the rest of Corsica, even with it's reputation of being a sandy seabed.
We have two of the most beautifull wrecks of Corsica.
The Alcione, an italian cargo of 55 meters long, sunk in 1943, is resting at a depth of 35 meters.
The B 25 bomber, brought down in the second world war. In excellent condition, with it's machine gun still intact, it lies at 20 meters (and so accessible even for level one divers).
Not forgetting the beginners site with its exceptional marine life and remains of amphora, proof of the ancient roman presence in the region.


Plongée en Corse - Sites de baptêmes   Plongée en Corse - Sites de baptêmes   Plongée en Corse - Sites de baptêmes
The beginner's site   The Alcione   The B 25
Classified among the 100 most beautiful dive spots in Corsica
(Guide of Nicolas Barraqué)

An italian cargo of 55 meters.
Often considered as the best dive wreck in Corsica

  Bomber in excellent condition
Depth : 20 meters
Plongée en Corse - Les grottes   Plongée en Corse - Les grottes   Plongée en Corse - Les perles
The arches   The caves   The pearls

Caverns and arches like lost islands in a sea of posidonia seagrass.
There, a diver may glide in rocky crevices, pass through small arches, stop on shoals of corbs,
surprise a grouper fish or observe the rare "Slipper lobster"...



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Dive Sites : Discovery site | The Alcione (cargo) | The B 25 Bomber | The arches of Riva Bella | The caves | The "pearls"

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